Melanie Franklin has always been an avid reader. So when the Lalor resident heard about a year-long reading challenge designed to raise money for charity, she jumped at the chance to take part.

The challenge requires participants to raise money for each book they read in a year.

Ms Franklin has chosen to donate the money she raises to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and will donate $1 for every book she reads.

With the first month of the challenge behind her, Ms Franklin has already read 11 books.

She chose the foundation because she is passionate about improving the literacy of children.

“The foundation provides an opportunity for children to develop the literacy skills that are so important in the community,” Ms Franklin said.

Ms Franklin said she preferred to read crime and science fiction novels, listing Bryce Courtney as her favourite author.

But she is aiming to cover as many different genres and authors as possible throughout the year.

“I find that reading is a relaxing thing for me,” she said. “I get quite involved in the story and see the mental imagery that the author has created.”

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