A Lalor man has been hit in the back of the head with a screwdriver and had a knife held to his throat during an armed robbery on Wednesday.

Four men set upon the 35-year-old victim as he got out of his car at a shopping strip on May Road about 12.30am.

Police believe one of the men was armed with a screwdriver, while another had a knife, which was pressed to the man’s throat.

The group demanded the man’s car keys before punching and kicking him to the ground.

He was then struck to the back of the head with the screwdriver.

The group fled with the man’s car keys and mobile phone and took off in his vehicle.

The victim was taken to hospital for assessment.

Police said that two of the offenders were believed to be of “Islander appearance” and aged in their 20s.

One was wearing  a grey jacket and light grey pants, while the other was wearing a light-coloured hooded jumper.

Police are searching for the victim’s car- a white Citroen C5 SUV with registration SXZ883.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.