Kevin Hillier wants to get gender equality right the first time

I am glad the same sex marriage law has passed. The ‘yes’ vote was victorious despite many factions on both sides using the issue as nothing more than a personal slanging match. I will be interested to see if common sense does prevail, and we can get on with life, though I suspect there will be a new hot issue to rile those in our society always on the hunt for a blue.

Gender equality seems to invoke strong opinions. I think it is healthy to see women being appointed to high level management jobs, if the criteria is that the best person for the job gets it.

One disturbing aspect of this is the underlying inference that women need to be more like men when they assume that role. This is a theory, I think, perpetuated by men. We have enough power-crazed, egomaniacal, dismissive narcissists already in place. We don’t need any more of either sex.

I have had both good and bad bosses in my working career, and their gender was never an issue for me in judging their competence in the position, or how they treated me or other staff. Leadership is gender neutral in my mind. It is about what is in your heart and mind, not anything else.

The good news is, the opportunity to aspire to leadership roles is not being driven by your testosterone level, but by your level of ability to perform.

Whether it is business, community or political leadership, we are asking for a different style, regardless of gender. The abuse of power has to stop. It is foolish to believe that gender equality alone will achieve that, because it won’t. That is a human failing not exclusive to either sex. There are some who are turning gender equality into a war that has to be waged immediately.

Let’s make sure we get it right, rather than we get it right now. The fewer mistakes in setting all this up, the less damage to repair in the future – this is about people, the most precious resource on the planet.