What a difference a couple of months and an upcoming state election can make in the demeanour of the sitting candidate for Werribee. The once invisible member (don’t mention the youth detention centre) is alive and well, and there he was in the hallowed pages of this paper last week under the heading “Our community needs to be safe” and with a head shot as well, for those who had forgotten what he looked like.

The latter was to complete the transformation from invisibility. Off he went parlaying us with statistics that show how lazy, inept and deceitful the other side of politics are, but ‘The Andrews Government’ is the answer to all our problems and the saviour of the west.

Let’s just reset the BS detector, as it has gone into overdrive, and remind the Member for Werribee that the election is a long way off just yet, and if he drowns us all in you-know-what before then, we won’t be able to cast our vote.

If the Member for Werribee lived in the actual electoral area he might have more credibility on this particular subject.

We all get how politics works – we are good; they are bad, vote for us, end of story. Outside of a promise to mow my lawns, wash my car, pay my son’s school fees and synchronise the traffic lights to be green for me exclusively, I already know who is getting my vote on November 24.

Mindless statistics, pork barrelling and name calling from either side is not going to change that either way.

Werribee is a safe Labor seat and it will take something seismic to change that. The challenging candidates have had little to say so far on any subject, leaving it to the party hierarchy to set the agenda.

I know it would be too much to ask for a dot point version of everyone’s platforms but the thought of the political version of “he said, she said” is not very inviting.

Chest thumping, finger pointing and knee-jerk reactions should be included in the Commonwealth Games program as we are about to see some gold medal performances in the coming months. What an avalanche of claptrap awaits us.