Batten down the hatches and prepare for the longest political campaign in Wyndham history as the state parties jockey for the interesting seat of Werribee. I write interesting because I am not sure it is safe any more.

Recent polls indicate Tim Pallas is on the nose with voters, and while I don’t rate most polls, the parties do and they are already in election mode. That is despite the fact we don’t know who will be running for either of the two major parties. It would be a very brave move by Pallas to run, as he risks being the politician to lose one of the safest seats in the history of his party, something he would not want on his CV.

The Liberals have to find someone who will appeal above and beyond the baggage locals have traditionally associated with the party. Or will a truly independent candidate emerge to provide voters with the platform to send a message to both parties that this electorate is tired of second-class treatment.

We won’t be going to the polls until November 2018 and even though that is 18 months away, it is going to feel like a lot longer by the time we get there. Both parties have already started targeting local festivals and events to showcase their “stars” and policies, so Lord help us when they actually officially declare the election campaign open.

Organisers should be careful they don’t forget the purpose of these community events. Most people don’t attend to have political agendas thrust upon them and it might be wise to consider this in the next 18 months.

I would ask the political parties to show some concern for community events and the community in general, but that would be naive of me, wouldn’t it? What I will ask, though, is for all candidates regardless of political persuasion to treat voters with respect, and keep your petty personal sniping, your cheap political point-scoring and your bull twang to yourself.

I would also ask the army of social media keyboard warriors who post like political lemmings to stick to the same ideal. It’s a pie in the sky request, but I can only try.


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