A Sunshine West man who fatally assaulted a man for parking in front of his house has been sentenced to 10 years in jail.

Christopher Orfanidis pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court earlier this year to the manslaughter of Phi Long Ung after a high-speed chase in July, 2015, that ended with Orfanidis beating Mr Ung with the butt of his own rifle and leaving him on the side of the road. On July 3, 2015, Orfanidis took exception to a car being parked opposite his Sunshine West premises and politely asked the owner not to do so. He complied.

Two days later, the car owner and
Mr Ung parked opposite Orfanidis’ house again. Orfanidis and an unnamed man pulled up and remonstrated with Mr Ung and the car owner. Orfanidis became violent, punching and kicking the car and breaking off the driver side mirror.

A fiery argument ensued during which
Mr Ung fired a shot at Orfanidis before fleeing. Orfanidis and the unnamed man gave chase down the ring road before ramming the back of the car carrying Mr Ung on the Ballarat Road off-ramp, causing him to come to a stop.

Orfanidis wrested Mr Ung’s rifle from his grip and struck him over the head with the wooden butt at least twice before kicking him as he lay on the ground.

The unnamed man also beat the driver of Mr Ung’s car, before both Orfanidis and the unnamed man drove away.

Mr Ung died of his injuries two weeks later, with a pathologist saying he died from severe trauma to the head.

In handing down the 10 years and six month sentence, Justice Christopher Beale last month said the impact of Orfanidis’ actions went beyond the death of Mr Ung.

“Your unlawful, violent and dangerous actions have resulted in a man’s death,” Justice Beale said. “Mr Ung, who was 37 years of age at the time of his death, leaves behind two young children. His mother, father and sister … struggle to cope with his premature and violent death.

“No sentence that I impose can undo the harm that you have done.” Orfanidis will be eligible for parole after seven years.