Two years ago, Williams Landing didn’t even have a cafe. Now, the suburb has it’s own dining strip.

Cedar Woods, which owns and operates Williams Landing Shopping Centre, has brought in six restaurants over the past 16 months to create a foodie haven, with Wok Wok BBQ, Montezumas Mexican and Dosa Palace among the food offering.

Italian cafe Platform 7 is the newest venue to come to the centre, and Mun Korean BBQ and Gami Style are slated to open in March.

Cedar Woods chief operating officer Patrick Archer said the dining precinct was part of a recent extension to the shopping centre.

Mr Archer said the dining strip had a great range of food, spanning a number of cultures.

“We’ve got a thriving community there, and the community has told us over the years, as we ran focus groups, that they really want a dining experience at our shopping centre,” he said.

“There was good market interest from tenants as well, so put the two together
and we’ve got a great little thriving dining precinct.

“It’s very busy on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night and is starting to fill out at various other times.”