About 100,000 unplanned pregnancies occur in Australia each year, a proportion of which are happening in Wyndham.

This spurred doctors Musku and Singh to establish Wyndham Vasectomy Centre within Wyndham Private, setting up as a one-stop option for male contraception.

The doctors have many years of experience in the field, first training and gaining excellent skills with the UK National Health Service before migrating to Australia.

Dr Musku says the up-to-the-minute centre focuses on helping families to manage contraception via vasectomy, with minimal disruption and best health outcomes.

“We use the no-scalpel, open-ended technique for vasectomies,” he explains. “The procedure takes up to 20 minutes and is performed under local anaesthetic. It’s carried out through a single puncture in the scrotum that requires no stitches.

“The main difference to a conventional vasectomy is that the vas deferens (duct) is handled by the surgeon in a less traumatic manner, resulting in less pain and fewer post-operative complications.

“The open-ended technique reduces pain associated with the blockage of the testicular vas deferens that can occur in traditional vasectomy procedures.”

No referral is required for this service and there are no waiting lists, which can be long within the public system.

Out-of-pocket expense is $435, procedures are carried out every day of the week and patients can be back at work the next day.

Dr Singh says the low price they offer allows families to make the decision for permanent contraception more attractive.

“People in Wyndham don’t have to wait to proceed when they arrive at this important decision,” he says.

“Men are in and out quickly, and can have confidence they’re being treated by surgeons with loads of experience. They’re in good hands.”

Wyndham Vasectomy Centre, 242 Hoppers Lane, Werribee. Inquiries: 8731 6519, or visit www.wyndhamvasectomycentre.com.au