Year 9 students at Ilim College in Dallas have raised more than $13,000 to help build four wells in developing countries.

The 100 students have spent the past seven weeks collecting donations from local businesses such as Coles, Woolworths and Aldi, as well as running sausage sizzles and bake sales.

The $13,200 they have raised will be donated to Campbellfield-based charity Hasene to use to build wells, costing $3300 each, in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Kenya.

Selin, who was one of the students leading the project, said it had helped increase student awareness of the importance of helping others.

“Being able to help other people makes us feel proud of ourselves,” he said. “We know that we are helping out those in need.”

Fellow student Zuleyha hopes the fundraiser will encourage the school’s younger students to do community work.

She said the students had placed themselves out of their comfort zones by asking businesses for donations.

Campus principal Zeyneb Sertel said the fundraiser had taught the students to help those in need.

“It is important for them to learn to give back to the community at this age and to understand the conditions in other countries,” she said.