The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal charity house will be auctioned in Mickleham.

The five-bedroom house at 13 Harfield Avenue is part of Villawood’s Waratah estate.

The auction will mark house builder Henley’s 25th year of building and donating houses to the appeal and Villawood’s ninth year of donating land. It will be the 10th year that Adrian Butera, managing director of Compton Green at Williamstown, has pulled out the gavel for the appeal.

Mr Butera said he was looking forward to auctioning the house for such a worthy cause.

“I’ve got three kids now, so I’m happy to commit my time,” he said. “It’s an unreserved auction so the property sells to the highest bidder. This is the first time they’re offering the property fully furnished and styled.”

Henley managing director John Harvey said it was satisfying to know every dollar raised would go to sick children in need.

“I have personally experienced the care, skill and services of the Royal Children’s Hospital over three long years, with my grandson successfully finishing specialist treatment in 2016,” Mr Harvey said.

Villawood executive director Rory Costelloe said one buyer would have the satisfaction of knowing their successful bid was a significant appeal donation. The house will be auctioned on March 30, at 2pm.