Hobsons Bay council last week voted to help residents campaign against the negative impacts of the West Gate Tunnel project, with one councillor calling it the “Maribyrnong bypass”.

While truck curfews will be implemented in Maribyrnong, Millers Road in Hobsons Bay will see up to 10,300 more trucks a day by 2031 as a result of the project.

Hobsons Bay residents have formed a new lobby group called Don’t Destroy Millers Road.

The council voted to “conduct a public campaign and a public meeting to encourage, support and assist Hobsons Bay community members and groups to make their own submissions” on the project.

“It is not an alternative to the West Gate,” Cr Tony Briffa said.

“This project, as far as I’m concerned, is the Maribyrnong bypass and that’s certainly what I refer to it as.

“The impact on Millers Road, particularly nearer to Brooklyn, will be quite significant. Then there is also the health impacts.”

The council is seeking 24-hour truck bans in Blackshaws Road, Hudsons Road, Mason Street, North Road, Kororoit Creek Road east of Millers Road, and High Street.

It wants a night and weekend curfew in Millers Road, between Kororoit Creek Road and Geelong Road, with trucks travelling to local businesses exempted. Cr Jonathon Marsden said the council did not support the West Gate Tunnel toll road.

“It is not a second river crossing, it is a political fix … We have recommended … the state government purchase the vacant industrial land located between Simcock Avenue and the West Gate Freeway for the purpose of conversion to public open space.”

A petition has started on change.org calling for trucks to be moved to Grieve Parade instead of Millers Road as part of the West Gate Tunnel project.