Vietnamese culture will take centre stage in St Albans this weekend, with the launch of a new show.

The Festival of Traditional Vietnamese Music and Dance will hit the Bowery Theatre on Saturday, with a combination of professional and amateur performers coming together.

Organiser Thuy Dang said it was a chance to showcase parts of traditional music and dance that many people would be unfamiliar with.

“We want to bring people back to the ancient times of the Vietnamese people, so everything in the show is from a long way back in history,” Ms Dang said.

“All the costumes and the dances are from the very early days of the Vietnamese people, and we will also showcase the three regions of Vietnam.

“We have five professional musicians from Adelaide and Sydney come over for the show, as well as amateur artists and dancers who we’ve combined for this special event.”

Up to 30 performers will take part in the show, and with strong support from the local community Ms Dang hopes to do similar shows again in the future.

The show will start at 7pm on April 14. Tickets can be purchased from