As children returned to school last week, Williamstown police were out in force targeting speeding drivers as part of Operation Fluro.

Police nabbed 13 drivers travelling over the 40km/h limit in the school zone outside Bayside College in Kororoit Creek Road, Williamstown.

First Constable Aaron De Graaff of Williamstown police said eight speeding drivers were caught on the first day of the operation.

“They were all quite high speeds,” he said.

“The highest one we got was 65 in a 40 zone.

“Predominantly, there were six over that 15-25 kilometre range.”

He said the operation aimed to protect the most vulnerable road users of all – schoolchildren.

“There’s big red flashing signs saying 40, so there’s no excuses,” First Constable De Graaff said.

Five speeding drivers and one unregistered motor vehicle were detected on the second day.

The penalty for exceeding the speed limit by 10-24 kilometres is $317 and three demerit points.

School zones have a 40km/h limit from 8-9.30am and 2.30-4pm.

More operations are planned in coming weeks.