Brimbank council has released a draft Habitat Connectivity Plan for community consultation, with the aim of better preserving native flora and fauna in the municipality.

The draft Habitat Connectivity Plan 2017-2022 aims to provide a connected landscape across Brimbank to allow for the safe movement of wildlife and vegetation.

Brimbank mayor John Hedditch said it was an important component of the council’s overall environment strategy.

“Council is committed to creating a more sustainable Brimbank and ensuring biodiversity and resilience in a changing climate,” Cr Hedditch said.

“Council is keen for community members to take the opportunity and speak with council about plans to improve our natural habitats. The draft

Habitat Connectivity Plan 2017-2022 prioritises actions for conservation and habitat improvement where it will most benefit indigenous flora and fauna populations.”

The plan, which draws on a joint study in partnership with Hume council, provides detailed information about the habitat requirements of native species and their requirements for connectivity.

Speaking about the issue at last week’s council meeting, Cr Margaret Giudice said
it was important that the environment was
not forgotten when planning Brimbank’s future.

“With all of the planning that has gone on in the suburbs, it is very important that the environment is considered,” she said.

“People sometimes don’t understand that once those things are gone, we can’t get them back, so it’s very important for our future generations that we preserve these native species.”

The public consultation period for the draft

Habitat Connectivity Plan 2017-2022 is open until November 17.