Greenvale’s Garcia sisters want to scare their readers … but not too much.

Samantha and Allison recently released the first book in their paranormal fiction series, The Night Owl Chronicles, which is aimed at young adults.

Samantha said the first book,

The Door, follows the story of a teenager who hears knocks on his front door when he is home alone at night.

“We like to look at how everyday situations can go horribly wrong,” she said. “We want to make people think twice about opening the door at night. We don’t want to gross out the reader, but we want to get under their skin.”

It took the sisters four years to write and publish the book, while also writing the second book in the series as well as a children’s picture book.

Allison said that while the book had been “a long time coming”, writing it had been a fairly easy process.

She has previously had two books published, while Samantha has studied multimedia, programming and animation development.

“I think we complement each other as writers,” Allison said.

“We have the same vision which makes it easier.”

The Door is available through Amazon or the sister’s website at