Brimbank council will call on VicRoads to discuss the traffic issues along Green Gully Road with the community.

Brimbank mayor Margaret Giudice said it was time for action.

“The issues being experienced along Green Gully Road have been going for too long,” Cr Giudice said.

“We’ve been in contact with VicRoads on multiple occasions over the last year, asking for the safety concerns of residents to be addressed and while we acknowledge that VicRoads is committed to monitoring the situation, these concerns continue.

“Last week we wrote to the acting CEO at VicRoads calling for a community forum to be held as an opportunity for residents to discuss the issues they’re experiencing directly with VicRoads and Victoria Police.”

VicRoads metro north west regional
director Vince Punaro said the organisation would work with the council to improve the situation.

“We understand some drivers turning from Loddon Avenue into Green Gully Road experience delays, particularly during peak times,” he said.

“We’re closely monitoring this intersection.”

Calder Rise resident Hannah Robertson has recently created a Facebook page which highlights the residents’ problems.

“There’s only two ways out of the Calder Rise estate. One is via the Old Calder Highway and the other is Green Gully Road. Both are carparks during peak hour,” Ms Robertson said.

“You can’t get safely out onto Green Gully Road because cars pull out to the left into a nonexistent lane and try to turn onto the old Calder Highway.

“They’re able to pull out to the left because the existing lane is wide. It really needs lines painted to make the left lane too narrow to fit two cars, so that can’t continue to make a third lane where there isn’t one.”

Ms Robertson attributed part of the problem to works on the Calder Freeway on-ramp, however she said the issue is likely to extend to well beyond their completion.

“These ramps are designed to limit traffic flow and don’t solve the issue which is in desperate need of addressing.”