By Dewi Sherry

More money will be available for more community projects following a change to Wyndham council’s grants policy.

The council last week agreed to slash the maximum grant available from $50,000 to $40,000.

The change will enable a larger number and diversity of projects to be funded across the municipality.

Wyndham City’s acting director city life, David Semmens, said: “Wyndham City is proud to partner with community groups and organisations through our community grants and subsidies program, helping them to deliver projects that strengthen and benefit our community in different ways.

“The lowering of the funding cap does not reflect a change in the council’s budget allocation to its community grants and subsidies program. The cap has been lowered to enable more groups and projects to receive funding across our growing city.”

In the last round of annual grants, the council provided more than $500,000 to community organisations for projects that help residents to strengthen their local connections, maintain healthy and active lifestyles and benefit the environment, Mr Semmens said.

“Since the Community Grants and Subsidies Policy was adopted in September 2015, Wyndham City Council has awarded funding to more than 300 projects and 91 community pathway scholarships, reaching more than 170,000 community members across a diverse range of activities, initiatives, events and projects.”

Last year, Whitelion Wyndham received a $50,000 grant to support its Roads to Resilience project. The project provides young people aged 15-24 who are at risk or engaged in anti-social or offending behaviours within the local community with social, legal and community support and advice.

Acting program manager at Whitelion Wyndham, Sarah Ramirez, said: “The grant has been very useful. It has assisted us with helping young people who have legal and social barriers”.

The next round of annual grants is open for applications from October 17.