A Gisborne South woman is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first grandchild, thanks to the lifesaving efforts of her husband and local paramedics.

Ulgen Babacan suffered a cardiac arrest in April and spent more than three weeks in intensive care.

Last week the 53-year-old was reunited with the Ambulance Victoria paramedics who came to her rescue and was able to personally thank them.

Paramedic Stephen Riley, who treated the mother-of-two at the scene, said being able to see a cardiac arrest patient “under better circumstances” was rare.

“I’ve been a paramedic for more than 20 years and I have never had the opportunity to meet with a cardiac arrest survivor,” he said.

The paramedics presented Mrs Babacan’s husband of more than 30 years, Deniz, with an Ambulance Victoria Bystander award for his lifesaving efforts.

Mr Babacan woke to a loud sound Mrs Babacan was making when her heart stopped beating during her sleep.

When she didn’t respond he called triple-0 and following instructions moved her to the floor and administered CPR until paramedics arrived.

Mr Riley said Mr Babacan’s attempt at giving his wife CPR “made a big difference” to her survival.

Mrs Babacan is now recovering at home after having had a pacemaker fitted.

She said she was very excited to meet the paramedics and could not thank them enough.

“It is because of them that I am here today – and I am expecting my first grandchild in November,” she said. “I have plenty to look forward to.”