A popular Melbourne artist has brought a splash of colour to a busy Sunshine strip.

Mike Makatron was commissioned to paint a mural on the side of the fruit market on Dawson Street and said he relished the creative freedom.

“The only brief I had for this one was that it had to have a sustainable element, so it was really great to have that freedom to move,” Makatron said.

“I did a mock-up of a funky house … but when I saw the wall it was a bit low, so I had to change things up.”

The finished product is a rainbow colour scheme with fruit and wildlife.

“It wasn’t too hard to come up with a new design,” Makatron said.

“It finishes and starts with green to match the building, but I just freestyled the colours in between as I went along.

“The rainbow colour scheme doesn’t really have any deep meaning, but it’s a cool way to fulfill a few aspects like the way fruit is referenced indirectly.”

Makatron said he used a mixture of acrylic and aerosol paint to complete the job.

The mural took Makatron three days to complete and the artist said he was surprised with the amount of interest shown by locals.

“It was fantastic to have so many locals come up and have a chat as I was painting, the community really got involved,” he said.