The Biblical practice of breaking bread together shows the history of the association humans have with food and friendship.

We share sweet cakes on birthdays, fruit pudding on Christmas Day, sacramental bread at Christian mass and dates to break the daily Ramadan fast.

This practice of bringing people together through food underpins a four-year project run by not-for-profit agency Joining the Dots called the Welcome Dinner Project, which connects newly arrived migrants and refugees with local Australians over a “potluck” dinner.

For the first time a Welcome Dinner has been organised for the Brimbank community and has been timed to coincide with Refugee Week.

Welcome Dinner Project co-ordinator for the Brimbank area, Josephine Ong, said next Friday’s dinner would by opened by a Muslim community leader who would break the fast, followed by a welcome by Brimbank mayor John Hedditch.

Ms Ong said about 80 people were expected to attend.

“It’s a fun, warm and welcoming night. People will be asked to bring a dish, and before the meal starts they’ll be invited to share a story about the dishes they’ve brought,” she said. “Then we just dig in to … it’s always a great feast, there’s usually lots of different food.”

The dinner will be held at the St Albans Community Centre on Friday, June 23, 5-7.30pm. RSVP before June 19 by visiting