Emerging Footscray filmmaker Amy Marks has created a 50-second insight into life with a disability.

The 20-year-old was one of five winners nationwide selected to create a short piece to screen on SBS television as part of National Youth Week.

Ms Marks said she was chosen for a place in a week-long filmmaking and storytelling workshop after submitting a 30-second video pitch about what it meant to grow up with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy.

“I spoke about people’s assumptions and how when people first see you, the first thing they see is the crutches.”

The second-year Bachelor of Screen Media student at Victoria University wants people to stop jumping to the conclusion that life with a disability is either extremely tragic or inherently inspirational.

“Why do we attach a negative emotion to disability? There is just this kind of narrative of ‘poor you, you have to use crutches’.”

Ms Mark’s short film draws on the creativity and humour that helped her navigate her childhood and discuss her condition with other children.

“The secret agent story is completely true. I genuinely did say I was a secret agent and had been bitten by a shark, all sorts of tall tales in the playground,” she said.

“It was just such an accessible way to discuss it – I think a double identity is a way of taking ownership.”

Ms Marks now hopes her short film connects with young viewers and opens discussions around disability.

“The reason I got into film in the first place was to bring a voice to young people with disability,” she said. “I don’t see young people with disability represented anywhere – I can’t think of any on TV shows.

“There are so many creative people with disabilities out there, so I want to get behind this cause.”

Ms Marks’ film can be found online at youtu.be/FOM35FdIN2Q.