A dangerous Thomastown intersection that was the site of a fatal accident in August is in need of urgent safety works, according to a Whittlesea councillor.

An 18-year-old man was killed at the intersection of Spencer Street and Dalton Road on August 15, after the car he was a passenger in collided with another car turning right into Spencer Street.

A teenager was taken to hospital with suspected spinal injuries, while a man was taken to hospital with suspected abdominal injuries and a broken arm. A second man was also taken to hospital with a suspected broken arm.

A councillor is calling on VicRoads to improve safety at the intersection as cars struggle to turn right onto Spencer Street safely.

Cr Mary Lalios, who raised the issue, said she had been contacted by two owners of businesses in Spencer Street asking for a keep clear zone to be installed at the intersection.

She said the intersection and Spencer Street have been plagued by accidents and near misses for almost 10 years.

“Businesses have been advocating since 2009 for it to be fixed,” Cr Lalios said. “Cars can’t turn in and out of Spencer Street in a timely manner.

“We sadly had a fatality there earlier this year so it is obvious that we need to advocate to VicRoads to improve road safety.”

Cr Lalios said there were also problems with congestion and parking shortages on Spencer Street that were adding to safety concerns. The street is used by about 4000 vehicles each day.

“I have been sent a video of a truck nearly collecting cars as it turns into Spencer Street. Businesses tell me it happens nearly every day,” Cr Lalios said.

“Trucks don’t have enough room to go down Spencer Street without breaking mirrors.”

Cr Lalios called on the council to widen the street and create indented parking bays.

However, her request was knocked backed by her colleagues, with councillors instead voting to ensure people are parking in the correct spots along the street.

Cr Lawrie Cox said the council could create more space on Spencer Street by reminding businesses to park cars in assigned bays instead of on nature strips. He said that currently, many businesses were using their parking bays to store derelict and unregistered vehicles.