For Egyptian born artist Tadros Hanna, the opening of his first solo art exhibition Awakening: My Vision in Melbourne is a dream come true.

A once wealthy architect in his homeland, Hanna moved to Australia in May 2015 after his life changed dramatically.

“I was successful and wealthy, but my marriage ended and I lost everything,” Hanna said.

“I quickly realised that my two children are the real value in my life, so the three of us moved out to Australia.”

Looking to build a new life in Melbourne, Hanna rediscovered his love of art.

“For me, art is a way to express our dreams, fears, beliefs and values.

“I truly believe in art and all my work has been a journey to contribute.”

After rekindling his passion, Hanna began working towards a solo exhibition.

A chain of events has made Hanna’s dream a reality.

“I inquired about using the St Albans Community Centre for an exhibition and was told there was a wait.

“However, not long after that I received a phone call telling me there had been a cancellation. I was asked to fill the gap and had just two months to prepare.”

Hanna said he wouldn’t have had the exhibition anywhere else.

“I’m so proud that the exhibition is in
St Albans where I live,” he said.

“Art is a way to bring family together and break down barriers like language, which is of particular significance in a multicultural area like St Albans.”

Awakening: My Vision runs to January 19. Details