An elderly Altona Meadows woman who is in the advanced stages of cancer is in danger of losing her rental home.

Roma Prosser, 89, is being cared for at home by one of her foster daughters, Samantha Hammersley. The home is shared by Roma’s disabled son Sidney and “grand-dad” George, who also has cancer.

Samantha, who has quit her job and postponed her masters degree to become a carer, said Roma had given up everything for her and her siblings.

“I think Roma always wanted a daughter – she could only ever have one child,” Samantha said. “I had three other siblings and she took them in as well.

“Not once did Roma apply for or receive any government benefits while she was caring for us.”

Roma has a rare lung cancer caused by a genetic mutation and is too frail to undergo chemotherapy.

Samantha has started a Go Fund Me Page to help with the $1600 monthly rent, and medical and nursing costs.

“I will gladly care for them full time for as long as they have left on this earth and my deepest wish is for them to be able to live their remaining time at home, surrounded but their pets and doing the simple things that bring them joy like … receiving visits from old friends,” Samantha wrote on the page.

“If there was ever a person who deserved the very best end of life care, it is Roma Prosser.

“She dedicated her retirement and her life savings to raising four children that had no genetic or familial connection to her and she has never asked for a single thing in return.”

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