These rabbits have been given the chance of a new life, thanks to a kind-hearted resident who found them dumped at a Manor Lakes park.

The adorable bunnies were found in a box at Hindmarsh Drive Reserve last month, on a day that reached 35 degrees.

Wyndham environment and sustainability portfolio holder Heather Marcus said the resident who found them handed them to Wyndham pound in Hoppers Crossing.

Cr Marcus said the rabbits were “extremely lucky to be alive” after being abandoned at the park, as high temperatures were “incredibly dangerous” to small pets.

One of the abandoned rabbits. Photo: Wyndham council

One of the abandoned rabbits. Photo: Wyndham council

She said if the rabbits had not been found, they probably would have died within a few hours of being left at the park.

“It’s disappointing, to say the least, that someone would think it’s OK to put their pets in a box and dump them in a local park, but unfortunately this is not a completely uncommon event,” she said.

Wyndham council is working with Western Suburbs Cat and Kitten Rescue to help find a new home for the rabbits.

Cr Marcus said anyone unable to care for their pets should consider surrendering them. Visit or call 9742 0958.