A Mernda man is one of two men arrested following a police operation targeting drugs sent in the post from overseas.

The man, 27, was arrested by police on October 27 as part of Operation CROZET.

A Kew man, 26, was also arrested.

The men have been charged with a range of offences relating to the importation, trafficking and possession of border-controlled drugs, as well as offences relating to dealing with the proceeds of crime.

The operation began in February after Australian Federal Police and Border Force authorities sized 15.8 kilograms of MDMA, 2.6 kilograms of cocaine and more than a kilogram of ketamine from international mail.

Police raided properties in Mernda and Kew on October 27, seizing a large quantity of cash and a Lamborghini sports car believed to be the proceeds of crime.

Police also seized a large quantity of drugs, including ice, cannabis, ketamine, testosterone, cocaine and MDMA, and 16 litres of 1,4-butanedial, which the human body metabolises into GHB.

More than 33 kilograms of drugs were seized. Picture: Supplied.

More than 33 kilograms of drugs were seized. Picture: Supplied.

AFP crime operations commander Justine Gough said the operation served as a warning to criminals who think they can move drugs through the post.

“The AFP and its partners remain committed to targeting importations of all illicit substances on every scale,” she said.

Australian Border Force commander James Watson said the detection showed Border Force authorities were always on high alert and would continue efforts to detect and disrupt those who seek to import illicit substances.

“Not only are we making detections of illicit drugs at the Australian border every day, our officers are collecting and sharing important intelligence with our law enforcement partners and this result reiterates that our targeting methods are working,” he said.