The biggest Greek Orthodox church in Melbourne’s west will unveil a new painting by a world-renowned iconographer at Christmas.

Athens-based George Kordis has spent 10 days painting the dome inside The Dormition of Our Lady at Altona North.

He has taught and painted iconography in Russia, Sweden, South America, the US and Ukraine.

Parish priest father George Frangos said Orthodox church domes were symbolic of heaven.

“In all Orthodox churches throughout the world, you’ll always see the icon of Jesus Christ at the centre as the almighty ruler,” he said.

“He’s always depicted in heaven and he’s surrounded by the prophets of the Old Testament that prophesise his coming.”

Kordis said iconography was a living art form and tradition that had evolved over centuries.

“Although we have certain guidelines that must be adhered to, the utilisation of light and the architectural space allows us to create unique artwork for every place we visit,” he said.