A proposed Keilor Downs development has resulted in the relocation of native striped legless lizards.

Soho Living has sought permission to construct a residential mixed use development at 7B Copernicus Way.

An environmental report said the action would likely result in a significant impact on the grassland, ecological community and the threatened species.

But Brimbank city development director Stuart Menzies said a plan has been put in place to ensure no harm was done to the species.

“Following a statutory assessment, the council granted a planning permit for 100 dwellings at 7B Copernicus Way in Keilor Downs, as well as a permit to remove native vegetation from the same site,” he said.

“The permit to remove native vegetation included conditions to offset the native vegetation removal and for the preparation of a translocation plan for the striped legless lizard.

Mr Menzies said the plan had already returned favourable results.

“The plan has seen the relocation of striped legless lizards from Copernicus Way to a secure council grassland reserve with an existing lizard population,” he said.

“Over a four-month period, concluding in December, 2017, a total of 86 striped legless sizards were translocated from Copernicus Way.”