A love of cycling has helped Wyndham Vale mother Pesi Elisaia to transform her life.

Ms Elisaia said that two years ago, she felt tired and depressed a lot of the time.

But when a cousin told her about Building Blocks, a leadership course run by Victoria Polytechnic in collaboration with Wyndham council, she decided to join the program.

The 10-week initiative was focused on walking, cycling, and skating.

For one of the course assignments, Ms Elisaia and two other women started the Tricycle 4 Life community project, to encourage people to take up tricycling.

The women renamed their project Cycle 4 Life due to the number of people asking to learn how to ride bicycles.

Through funding from the VicRoads Community Road Safety Grants program, Cycle 4 Life started to run bicycle riding classes in partnership with the Werribee Men’s Shed.

Ms Elisaia also bought a bicycle, became an accredited bicycle instructor and learnt about basic bike maintenance.

“I have more energy now and I believe in myself,” Ms Elisaia said.

Ms Elisaia’s children have also followed in her footsteps and now volunteer at the Werribee Men’s Shed, where they help to fix up bicycles.

For more information about Cycle 4 Life classes, call Christine Morris on 0409 521 998 or cstorie@optusnet.com.au.