Sunshine residents are being urged to dob in a dealer.

Crime Stoppers is asking people to call if they suspect a manufacturer or distributor of crystal methylamphetamine [ice] or other illegal drugs is operating locally.

Brimbank’s Dob in a Dealer initiative is the first of five to be rolled out across Melbourne this year.

Crime Stoppers’ chief executive Sam Hunter said the campaign was about empowering neighbourhoods to help stop the manufacture and supply of illicit drugs.

“Information from the community leads to real results when it comes to breaking the cycle of crime,” he said. “Arrests are made and warrants are executed.”

Mr Hunter said the campaign focuses on stopping supply, rather than on end users, acknowledging that some reports will come from those in the know, who are often users themselves.

Brimbank Inspector David Bryt said frontline police are all too familiar with the devastating impacts illicit drugs have on people, families and communities.

“We need a whole of community approach to tackle the flow of these harmful substances into our neighbourhoods – the smallest piece of information could save someone’s life.”

Report at or call Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000.