Macedon Ranges council wants feedback on whether putting cats on nightly curfews and giving dogs off-lead parks will help cut the numbers of lost pets being put down and minimise the impact of feral domestic animals on other wildlife.

Council is developing a new four-year domestic animal management plan, with submissions open online until April 10.

The consultation will help identify what matters the most to people when it comes to responsible pet ownership.

The council’s draft plan asks residents to consider how to deal with the nuisances caused by domestic pets, such as trespassing, attacks on other animals and people, and barking.

Community safety manager Anne-Louise Lindner said that it’s important the new plan identifies a balance between the needs of animal owners and the broader community.

“We want … ideas as to how we can encourage and support responsible pet ownership in the shire,” Ms Lindner said.

“We know that pets play a huge part in many people’s lives. They provide companionship, encourage people to exercise and promote social interaction.”

Residents can pick up a copy of the draft plan from a customer service centre or online at: