An eight-storey hotel and apartment complex has been approved for development on the site of the half-built Club Edgewater project.

Star Weekly last month revealed an application had been lodged for 31 Edgewater Boulevard, for a 10-storey development containing a 68-room hotel, 123 dwellings, shops and a gym. The original Club Edgewater project was abandoned when Western Bulldogs and developer Prizac fell out in 2015.

A report considered at Tuesday night’s City Development Special Committee stated the “high architectural quality and net community benefits” of the new development are reasons to allow a higher built form on the site, but the proposed 10-storey height was excessive.”

The report recommended approving the project, subject to a reduction to eight storeys and other minor conditions.


An architectural render of the proposal. Image supplied.

An architectural render of the proposal. Image supplied.


Neighbours of the proposal told the council meeting they had concerns about the development’s proposed height.

They also raised worries about overshadowing, overlooking and the potential impact on parking.

John Glossop, a planner appearing on behalf of the applicant, told the meeting they “respectfully disagreed” with the need for two storeys to be trimmed off the top of the proposal.

But the majority of councillors spoke in favour of the eight-storey option as being an appropriate compromise.

Rover ward councillor Cr Gina Huynh voted against the project, citing concerns over height, lack of consultation and parking.

Fellow ward councillor Sarah Carter was absent, while the remainder of councillors voted in favour of approval.

The developer now has the option to proceed with an eight-story development or appeal to VCAT in the hope of having the reduction condition struck out.

Mr Glossop told Star Weekly on Wednesday that he has had no no instructions from his client as to whether it would be appealing the decision.