A Wyndham councillor has called on the state government to rename the Wyndham Vale train station to Manor Lakes.

Councillor Peter Maynard said two years on from Manor Lakes becoming a suburb in its own right, it was logical the Wyndham Vale station be re-named to reflect the change.

The Wyndham Vale train station opened in June 2015 as part of the Regional Rail Link.

“In 2016, the state government adopted new statutory requirements for naming rules for places in Victoria. These updated rules confirm that infrastructure features should use the name of the suburb in which they are located,” Cr Maynard said.

Cr Maynard said he suggested the station be called Manor Lakes in 2012 when he sat on the reference group for the Regional Rail Link.

“Now, we’re asking the state government to go and change it, at cost.

“Given that the train station is located in the new suburb of Manor Lakes, it’s important to ensure that this infrastructure reflects state government naming rules and is easy to locate.”

Mayor Henry Barlow will write to Werribee MP Tim Pallas and state Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan requesting the name change.

Wyndham council is also practising what it preaches and is changing the name of the Wyndham Vale Community Learning Centre to Manor Lakes.

Mr Pallas said the state government would not change the name.

“A formal process informed by place naming guidelines was undertaken when naming Wyndham Vale station,” Mr Pallas said.

“To [change the name] would come at considerable cost.”