Brimbank councillors will look to become “knowledge champions” under a portfolio system.

The system, which is new to Brimbank, involves councillors being appointed to specialist portfolios to focus on for a 12 month period.

The portfolios will be Resilient Brimbank (advocacy), Vibrant Brimbank, Prosperous Brimbank, Sustainable Brimbank, Brimbank People, Liveable Brimbank and Brimbank Innovation.

Cr Bruce Lancashire said the system presented the council with an exciting opportunity.

“We’re moving from learning phases and talking the talk to very much walking the walk,” he said.

“The interests and specialities of this wide array of councillors that we have from all walks of life are going to be put into these portfolios.

“It does present us with a rather grand opportunity to experiment with a new method of operating within local government. I’m excited to get going and have a go at all of this.”

In total, 11 positions will be filled across the portfolios. The system will be reviewed after a 12-month trial and a report will be presented to the council with recommendations.

In addition to the portfolios, the councillors have been appointed to niche committees.

Cr John Hedditch said with the state election coming up it was an opportune time to implement the new system.

“We have a wonderful opportunity in front of us for the next 12 months to try something new and what a year to try in – an election year,” he said.

“I think we all know how much this community needs. The potential is enormous, but we need to work together like we’ve never worked together before.

“Getting to this point has been hard work. It’s been difficult, it’s been gruesome, but it’s there. We’re off and good luck to anyone who gets in our way.”