The Commonwealth Bank’s decision to permanently close its Keilor branch has been met with anger.

The bank is attributing the closure to a decrease in customer usage of the branch.

“Following a recent review, we made the difficult decision to close our Keilor branch,” a bank spokesperson said. “A customer notification was posted at the branch on 23 February, 2018, and the branch’s last day of operation will be Friday, April 6, 2018.

“Over the past five years, we have seen a
34 per cent decline in the number of transactions at our Keilor branch, with many of our customers using the other branches close by, as well as using our mobile, online and phone banking services.”

While an ATM will remain in Keilor Village, customers will be directed to the branch at Keilor Downs, which has recently undergone a refurbishment. Branches at St Albans, Milleara, Airport West and Niddrie are also being suggested as options.

No jobs will be lost as a result of the decision to close the branch, with staff to be relocated to neighbouring branches.

But Keilor Traders Association president Neville Young said the closure would negatively impact Keilor Village.

“The majority of traders here bank with Commonwealth Bank and it brings people to the village,” he said. “The bank is like an anchor – people come to the village to do their banking, then do shopping.”

Mr Young said that with the bank’s decision seemingly final, he would write to other banks in an effort to fill the void.

“We’re disappointed there’s been no consultation in reaching this decision,” he said. “Business is business, but this branch has been here 45 years and a lot of people have grown up with it.

“It’s sad to see someone from outside the area has made this decision.

“We’re going to start a petition, which I’m hopeful of getting a couple of thousand signatures on.

“Once we’ve got that, I’ll write to the Bendigo Bank or the Bank of Melbourne to see if they’re interested in coming to the village.”