Burnside Heights Recreation Reserve is back in pristine condition after 30 volunteers took part in a Clean Up Australia Day outing.

The group, comprising staff from Frasers Property Australia, spent an afternoon searching for rubbish in every nook and cranny of the park.

Frasers account director Stephen Naylor said several surprising objects were unearthed.

“We didn’t expect the kinds of rubbish we found,” he said.

“There’s a lot of incidental rubbish where people have been too lazy to use the bin, but around the edges, we’ve found computers, a bike, a lot of contraception, needles and so on.”

More than 20 bags were filled with rubbish, which Mr Naylor said highlighted the importance of focusing on lesser-known locations for clean-up operations.

“With programs like this, people focus on the beach and famous rivers, but this is a place for everyday people. When we first started, we all took a rubbish sack each and it took about 20 minutes to even fill the bottom of it – but then they started to fill really quickly.

“We rapidly finished filling every single sack we had brought with us … and had to go and get more.”

While happy with the effort, Mr Naylor said the group was surprised at the amount of rubbish found at the park.

“My first reaction was that this didn’t need much assistance, but as we went around the edges, I quickly realised this is a really important area to focus on,” he said.