A Werribee woman is all smiles after getting a little helping hand to fix her beloved dog’s teeth.

Blaize Kerr, who has been out of work since injuring her spine and ankle in a workplace fall nine years ago, was inconsolable when she discovered her 13-year-old Pomeranian cross Maltese terrier Sheiko needed surgery urgently to remove and fix some teeth.

Ms Kerr, who has been on the disability support pension since her accident, knew she could not afford the medical bills for the surgery.

She was thrilled when a vet referred her to the Pet Medical Crisis Fund, a charity that helps pensioners and disadvantaged pet owners who cannot afford surgery to keep their family pet alive.

The fund paid for Sheiko’s surgery and today, the dog has a clean bill of health.

Ms Kerr said she was thrilled with the help and support she received from the PMCF to give Sheiko the treatment she needed.

“Without them I simply could not afford to get this crucial procedure done,” she said.

“Sheiko has been my comfort and companion to lean on.

“I love her scruffy fur, her crooked front teeth, her heavy, wheezy breath … she has the most beautiful expressive, big brown eye when she looks up at me while she lies curled up on my lap.”