Firefighter’s from Craigieburn and Greenvale will now be able to provide life-saving medical assistance in an emergency.

The brigades are among 22 CFA brigades to complete the training for emergency medical response program.

The co-responder program between CFA and Ambulance Victoria is designed to help protect more Victorian lives by providing life-saving medical assistance.

CFA district 14 acting operations manager David Harris said the program saw firefighters and paramedics dispatched at the same to assist in life-threatening medical emergencies.

“Firefighters take on many and varied roles. If a firefighter arrives at your door in the event of a life-threatening medical emergency, do not turn them away. Every second counts in emergencies,” he said.

“Firefighters will respond with the nearest ambulance to help unconscious patients and patients who are not breathing by providing access to life-saving emergency care.

“And the message to residents is: Don’t be surprised if you see a fire truck and an ambulance at a life-threatening medical emergency. By working together, we have a better chance of saving someone’s life.”

Ambulance Victoria chief executive Tony Walker said the program was already well-established at the MFB.

“In a cardiac arrest, what you do before emergency services arrive can greatly improve the chance of someone’s survival,” he said.

“Early CPR provides blood flow to a person’s brain and vital organs, and means they have a better chance of survival when medical help arrives.”