Two noted Newport filmmakers are seeking actors and a 1940s house in the lead-up to a NASA short-film competition.

Tom Vogel and Jerry Creaney are each entering a film, using 10 per cent NASA footage, in the third annual CineSpace short-film competition.

Last year’s competition attracted 460 entries from 48 countries, with films by 15 finalists premiering at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Vogel’s film will feature children playing baseball in a park next to a 1940s house, hence his search for a house from that era.

“Apparently they shot some of the Marilyn Monroe series here in Newport, so I’m going to look in to that,” he said.

“I’m after a 1940s house and if there’s not a park near it … we’ll marry it up to make it look like the house and the park are next to each other.”

He is also seeking teenagers who can pull off a convincing American accent.

“We’re just going to dress them up with some baseball caps and hopefully I can find something that looks like it can pass for the 1940s Yankees uniforms,” Vogel said.

“As long as they’ve got the American accent, I think we can pull it off.”

Creaney has built a spaceship for his film and is seeking travellers to a distant planet.

“I’ll be looking for a young teenage person –could be male or female – and two adults who could be their parents and a very old lady in her 80s or 90s,” he said.

Filming is expected to start this month.

People can contact Tom Vogel at and Jerry Creaney at