Sherry-Rose Watts doesn’t see herself on television, in magazines, on company boards or in political circles.

It’s this chronic under-representation of young, black, African women in mainstream Australia that prompted the 20-year-old to speak out.

Ms Watts, a Caroline Springs resident, is a public speaker with Shout Out Victoria and is keen to share her experiences and perspective on multiculturalism, diversity and gender equality.

She says she hopes to inspire, and empower, young African women.

“I’m a black, African young woman – we’re highly under-represented in every facet of society,” Ms Watts says.

“That’s something that has always stayed with me. Representation is a hugely important issue for me … it’s one of those things if you don’t have the experience of not being normal, you won’t understand what it means when someone says they don’t feel like they belong.”

Ms Watts said she was passionate about making her community a better place to live – not just for herself but for everybody else.