Stephanie Angelini is juggling newborn babies and a burgeoning career as a musician.

The 25-year-old from Caroline Springs refers to her midwifery career as her “day job” and singing as her dream job, the latter a future she has dreamt about since she started singing aged just five.

After signing on with a manager mid-last year, she quickly got her break.

She was asked to record an album of 10 songs with US singer and songwriter Preston Glass, who has worked with Natalie Cole and Aretha Franklin.

Angelini has recently returned from Los Angeles having recorded the album in just five days. “I was at my wits end with my music, I needed my break,” she said. “Working alongside Preston was wonderful, he was really humble.

“I’ve been singing ever since I was about five, then taking it seriously since I was a teenager, so having this opportunity was something I couldn’t pass up.”

She’s just about to release a limited edition single that was produced in LA called A Secret Smile, which was in second place in the Radio Indie Alliance top 10 charts last month.