An Altona Meadows’ woman has had her car’s interior torn apart by a dog after intervening in an attack.

Cheryl Casley, a dog walker, said she had been meeting a new client at the front of a house in Merton Street, Altona Meadows, when two loose dogs approached.

She said the loose dogs were “really good” around her client’s dog.

“Then there was an old man across the road, walking his little white fluffy dog, and all of a sudden they’ve both just taken off across the road.

“The staffy’s just picked up the white dog and shook him around like a rag doll.

“I managed to grab the [staffy] somehow … I just walked back to my car and put it in my car to stop it from, obviously, keeping on attacking the dog or hurting anybody else.”

Members of the public managed to secure the second dog and waved down a passing police car.

Hobsons Bay council officers subsequently attended the scene and seized the two dogs.

Both dogs were microchipped and registered with the council, enabling both owners to be immediately notified.

Following a review of evidence, one of the dogs was found not have been involved in the attack and was returned to its owner, who received a warning.

The second dog was subsequently released to the owner with an infringement of $238 under the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

Ms Casley said she would be left several hundred dollars out of pocket from the damage to her car, but that wouldn’t deter her from helping again in a similar situation.

Dog attacks, unregistered pets or stray animals can be referred to the council’s local laws unit on 99321000.