Doughnuts and beer, together at last.

A Keilor Park brewery is hoping its latest creation will stand out from the crowd at next month’s Good Beer Week Great Australian Beer Showcase, one of the largest beer shows in the world.

The new brew from Fury & Son, Loukoumades Lager, takes its inspiration from the traditional Greek dooughnuts.

Fury owner Andrew Georgiou is confident it will be a crowd favourite at the show.

“We wanted to do something that played on our Greek heritage,”
Mr Georgiou said.

“There will be elements of cinnamon, honey, vanilla, nutmeg … all the things that make loukoumades a loukoumades.”

Head brewer Antony Aylward said the process of making such a beer was often tricky, but the end product spoke for itself.

“Keeping flavours in a beer from the start to finish is pretty difficult, so to make a beer with this kind of flavour profile can be quite hard,” Mr Aylward said.

“So we’re infusing a lot of things late in the brewing process – making a plain base and then bringing all those flavours across fairly late in the brew to give you a big, ‘Wow, that’s a sweet dessert beer’ kind of reaction.”

At the showcase, Loukoumades Lager will be one of hundreds of different beers available for the public to try.

The event will be at the Royal Exhibition Building from May 18-20.

Tickets are available from


… Ewen McRae