Hogan Road is being described as one of “the worst roads in Ballan” – and one resident is determined to get it fixed.

Tahlia Conroy said she negotiates potholes and “loose dirt and gravel” along the kilometre stretch of road daily.

“As the town grows, the traffic grows with it,” Ms Conroy said.

“The developments surrounding this road mean increased traffic conditions which has contributed to the dangerous condition of the road – especially in the winter months.”

She said the road was only wide enough to fit one car at a time and it was “unacceptable”.

“The road consists of multiple, deep and wide potholes.

“Where any car is required to move to the side to allow the passing of another car you need to dramatically reduce speed to avoid hitting a pothole or a gutter … If you are required to give way, you must veer onto loose dirt and gravel to do so.

“Residents should not feel the need to avoid this road based on fear they may cause damage to their vehicles.”

Ms Conroy has launched a petition calling for Moorabool council to advocate for upgrades.

“All efforts to patch up a pothole with loose gravel are quickly ruined once the rain hits,” she said.

A council spokesperson encouraged residents to raise their concerns with their ward councillor or bring a petition to council to be considered at its March 6 meeting in Ballan.

VicRoads was contacted for comment.

View the petition: bit.ly/2DYbTlc