The maker of a feature film that addresses issues such as bullying and racism is calling for public support so its message can be delivered to the world.

Rock Sugar, the first film by writer and director Angela How, is a dramatic psychological thriller about children aimed at an adult audience.

“The film is about a 12-year-old girl who despite all her efforts is continually tormented by a bully,” How said.

“Large parts of it were filmed in Keilor … I really wanted to make use of the outside and the surroundings.”

Local acting prodigy Chloe Gileno, who has already appeared in 15 short films and is working on a Netflix series, said she enjoyed stepping outside of her comfort zone.

“I play a bit of a gossip girl and bully,” she said. “My character is really rude and talks behind people’s backs, which was a bit of a new challenge for me to play. To get into character, I had to act really cool, which was fun. It’s bad being a bully, but I really enjoyed the role.”

How said the film needed more support to enable it to be released.

“The film will be released soon, but we need public support to get it to where we want,” she said.

“We’ve got a rough cut at the moment, but if people pledge through our Kickstarter campaign, we should be able to finish everything and have a release date.”

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