Intergalactic adventures and a marvelous mystery await readers of the debut publication of a budding Footscray author.

Lucas Nguyen, 10, said he had never been an avid reader or writer in the past, but everything changed when he met children’s author David Lawrence during a school visit.

“I never thought a kid could write and publish a book, but after he came to our school I just researched what to do,” Lucas said.

“I didn’t really like writing at the start, but I like it now because it’s fun, and you get to learn a lot when you’re writing a story.”

Lucas doesn’t want to give too much away about the twists and turns of the plot in

The Mystery of Greenworm Primary School, but he hints readers may encounter aliens and cosmonauts along the way.

His book, self-published through Amazon, has struck a chord with his friends and family.

It has even been picked up by the Maribyrnong library service and is available for borrowing at Footscray library.

Lucas plans to keep writing and publishing and is even contemplating a career as an author – although it will have to be in his spare time, if he achieves his dream of becoming a doctor.

The Mystery of Greenworm Primary School will be officially launched at Maribyrnong library at 3pm, Sunday, April 23.