How long have you lived in West Sunshine and why did you settle there?


Sixteen years. I moved here because it was an affordable area to raise a young family and my family lived nearby.


What do you like about the suburb?


I like West Sunshine because it’s central to everything and it’s close to my family and work.


What don’t you like about the suburb?


I don’t like the fact that there is no freeway entrance to head out towards Ballarat or Caroline Springs.


What’s your favourite local place to shop and why?


Sunshine Plaza shopping centre and Central West shopping centre in Braybrook. They’re my favourite places because they’re close to home and most of the shops are great for everyday needs.


Where is your favourite place to eat and drink, and why?


Afghan Shaheen, Co Do and Mambos in Sunshine. The meals are delicious and they are family-oriented so it’s great to take the whole family for a dining experience.


What is unique or special about West Sunshine?


There are a lot of different nationalities in the area. You get to experience a variety of shops, food and culture from these nationalities.


If you could change one thing about your neighbourhood, what would it be?


The drug and crime epidemic. It’s becoming out of control and affecting the innocence of our younger generation.


What do you think about the rise in property prices in the suburb?


Overseas investors are flooding the market.


What tag do you think West Sunshine has?


The west is the best!


You had international visitors over a while ago, where did you take them and what did they think about West Sunshine?


I had my cousin visit from El Salvador. I took him to the city, Footscray and Victoria Market, Docklands, Crown Casino, Botanical Gardens, Williamstown beach. He loved it because my home was so close to all these wonderful places to see and visit. I also took him out to the local restaurants I frequently visit. I wanted him to experience the variety and quality of food, which he was very impressed with.


Do you have any other comments you would like to make about West Sunshine?


There is never a dull moment in West Sunshine; excitement everywhere. But there’s a catch, it could be good and it could also be bad.