The latest stage of the Melton Highway level crossing removal in Sydenham has been unveiled, with traffic running along the southern side of the new bridge, after work started almost a year ago.

As part of level crossing removal works across Melbourne, a new six-lane bridge is being built across the train line at Melton Highway in Sydenham.

Traffic has run exclusively on the northern side of the highway since May, 2017, while the southern side was constructed.

The southern side of the new bridge is now complete and was opened on February 1, with traffic gradually shifting to the new section. Pedestrians and cyclists have switched to the new shared path on the bridge to cross the rail lines safely.

There are now two eastbound lanes and one westbound lane open on the southern section of the new bridge.

Work will now begin on the northern side of the bridge, removing the level crossing completely. The project is expected to be completed late this year.

The Level Crossing Removal Authority is urging motorists to be patient in the transition stages of the new bridge as users get used to the new conditions.

There will be three lanes of traffic in each direction when the project is completed.

The level crossing is considered one of the state’s most dangerous and a major cause of peak hour traffic chaos for the road’s 38,000 daily users, with boom gates previously down for about a quarter of the morning peak.