Brianna Anderson adores teaching dance to children – including those in Romsey. The dance instructor and professional dancer shares her knowledge with her regional students. She chats with Serena Seyfort.


How did you come to teach in Romsey?

I worked in Melbourne with the principals of Pas de Deux School of Dance, Kate and Lauren, in Melbourne. When they opened their school in Romsey, they asked me to come and teach. This is my second year teaching up here. I am so glad I have now been introduced to such a beautiful area of Victoria.


Tell us about your classes in Romsey.

At Pas de Deux I teach tap, musical theatre, lyrical and Broadway jazz. My youngest pupil is four or five and my oldest student has just turned 18. I only teach girls, but there are boys at the school.

I love that teaching dance gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience.


What do you like about this area?

My favourite thing about teaching in this area are my students. It never feels like work at Pas De Deux. I look forward to driving up from Melbourne every Monday. They are all so friendly and kind and come into class every week so enthusiastic and excited to learn something new.

I haven’t explored the area beyond the school as much as I would like, but I’m looking forward to doing some trips. I’m planning on going to some more wineries around the area.


Tell us about your own dancing career.

I worked overseas as a dancer for seven years. I lived in Paris for four years working at the Moulin Rouge, including performances in Times Square in New York City, Moscow and San Remo. I performed on cruise ships for many years also, travelling to Canada, America, Europe, Tahiti, Bahamas …

I now teach at three dance schools in Melbourne and Pas de Deux in Romsey.

I just returned from a tour of New Zealand with Cabaret de Paris and will be performing in the Ultimate Vegas Show at Crown in Melbourne at the end of July.