Twelve boxes of books donated by Holy Eucharist Primary School pupils will soon have a new home in Papua New Guinea.

The donations were part of a book drive organised by the St Albans school’s social justice team, with teacher Jo Dragovic saying the project was extremely well supported.

“The social justice team is always looking for different organisations to help … when they came across Books-4-PNG-Kids, they decided a book drive would be a good idea,”
Ms Dragovic said.

“It was enthusiastically supported by everyone. Staff and students brought in books from home that they didn’t want any more and the school donated a few from our collection, too.”

Books-4-PNG-Kids collects, packs and ships books to children aged up to 14 years in Papua New Guinea.

The school’s drive was conducted over a four-week period with a wide variety of books collected.

“We’ve got picture books, novels, activity books and even some puzzles,” Ms Dragovic said.

With the drive heralded a success,
Ms Dragovic says the students are looking forward to their next initiative.

“Everyone really enjoyed the drive and we’re looking forward to seeing what the team decides to support next,” she said.